HSE - Health, Safety and Environment

Investing in the safety of its entire workforce and preserving life and the environment are basic PetroRio principles.

In order to implement these principles, the Company maintains a series of Environmental and Operational Safety Projects that meet the legal requirements of Brazil’s environmental, regulatory and labor agencies and incorporate internationally recognized social and environmental standards.


PetroRio’s environmental projects, listed below, are designed to mitigate possible environmental impacts arising from its operations in the Polvo Field.

Pollution Control Project

Consists of procedures that seek to minimize pollution from atmospheric emissions and the generation of waste onboard of offshore units and vessels, from onshore disposal and waste discharge at sea.

Environmental Monitoring Project

Monitors possible environmental alterations in the Polvo Field through campaigns involving the sampling of water, sediment and biota in the surroundings of the offshore units and vessels.

Social Communication Project

Provides communication channels that can be used at any time by the general public (falecompolvo@petroriosa.com.br; 0800 710 0200). In addition, there are two annual meetings with the fishing associations in municipalities in the Campos Basin’s area of influence, during which fisherman are supplied with informative booklets, fishing notebooks and tide tables.

Workers‘ Environmental
Education Project

Provides training for all workers involved in the Polvo Field operations, seeking to develop an individual critical vision capable of assessing the various aspects of their workplace and the implications of the associated social, environmental and operational risks and possible damages.

Environmental Education

Entitled ObservAção, it focuses on the creation of social and environmental observatories designed to identify and monitor the impacts of the oil and gas production chain in the municipalities in this project’s area of coverage.
Click here to learn more about PEA-ObservAção.

Oil Spill Response

A document detailing the procedures to be followed by PetroRio in the case of emergencies triggered by oil spills at sea, when rapid and efficient response initiatives are required in order to minimize possible impacts on the environment and the communities in the influence areas.