About PetroRio

We are proud to be one of Brazil‘s largest independent oil and natural gas production.

At the South of the Campos Basin, in Rio de Janeiro, PetroRio operates the Polvo Field since January 2014, producing about 8,000 barrels per day, the 6th greatest country‘s production of equivalent oil barrels. With this production, the Company now ranks among the 10 largest in Brazil and has goals even more ambitious in medium term.

The qualification as Operator A, granted by ANP in October 2015, is key to the implementation of PetroRio‘s strategy through the acquisition of new assets, as it enables activities in onshore, shallow water, deep water and ultra-deep water areas. Since March 2011, PetroRio already operates as an Operator B, in shallow water and onshore areas.

PetroRio‘s business model is totally focused on the efficient production of oil fields already in the production phase and on the cost optimization, positioning the Company to capture gains even in adverse external scenarios.

Acquisition of assets, efficient management, cost reduction, respect for safety and the environment. This is our growth formula.

PetroRio keeps developing a solid growth platform aiming to generate value to its shareholders by increasing its production through the acquisition of production assets, the implementation of an efficient reservoirs management, the re-exploration, operational performance management, the decrease of production and corporate costs expenses, fully respecting safety conditions and the environment.

1 According to the data from Agência Nacional de Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis - ANP regarding December 2015.